• OM605 and OM606 manifold – compact and universal design
    Elbe Engineering has designed OM605 and OM606 manifolds for the Mercedes-Benz turbo diesel engines. The turbocharger mount on the manifold is universal (T3 Divided flange) and fits most turbochargers (offered by several manufacturers) with T3 type flange. The manifolds allow you to choose among new turbochargers of different brands and sizes, as well as from those offered on the aftermarket. For example, most commonly used are Holset HX35 and HX40. The alternative brands are Garrett
  • List of problems that indicate it may be reasonable for the car owner to replace the existing fuel supply system with the EFI kit offered by Elbe Engineering: Worn fuel injectors. Wear of an injector causes uneven fuel supply to the engine or even misfiring. As a result, your car’s fuel consumption increases and uneven engine operation creates additional vibration that interferes with driving pleasure and can damage car’s other systems. Failure of the ignition
  • 5G-Tronic transmission adapter for M116/M117 iron block engine
    Upgrade your classic car with modern 5g-Tronic transmission adapter. This is also known as the (big) NAG transmission (New Automatic Gearbox Generation One, or NAG1, see also*. Transmission numbers start with 722.6xx (2 last digits specify engines/models). Why to install the 5g-Tronic? 1. Better fuel economy and lower emissions 2. Better acceleration with lower revs at highway speeds 3. Smoother gear changes 4. Fully adjustable software 5. Manual shifting (paddles or buttons can be
  • Elbe Engineering is a company producing custom Mercedes-Benz tuning parts since 2008. Throughout years of experience in car tuning we are no strangers to the headaches of finding the right tuning parts. This is the very reason why our company was founded – lack of innovative and quality tuning parts made us create and build our own. What was once experimenting, tinkering and building out of personal interest has now grown into a Worldwide business.