EFI kit – When should you consider Elbe Engineering’s EFI kit?

List of problems that indicate it may be reasonable for the car owner to replace the existing fuel supply system with the EFI kit offered by Elbe Engineering:

    1. Worn fuel injectors. Wear of an injector causes uneven fuel supply to the engine or even misfiring. As a result, your car’s fuel consumption increases and uneven engine operation creates additional vibration that interferes with driving pleasure and can damage car’s other systems.

    2. Failure of the ignition module, i.e. lack of spark, is a very common problem. The original module is often burnt out. This may be due to poor cooling through the body (engine cleaning has removed the thermally conductive paste from between the ignition coil cover and the body, and the ignition module is overheating) or damaged electronics from washing the engine. New modules have become very rare on the market today as they have been discontinued. In the case of the used part, however, you never know what condition it is in. The prices of the new modules are approx. 3000 EUR; used ones cost about 1000 Euros.

    3. Worn nozzles. The amount of fuel supplied is often too large and varies from injector to injector. This causes uneven engine operation and additional vibration in the car.

    4. Leaking vacuum hoses. Leaking vacuum hoses cause uneven engine operation and vibration.

    5. Ignition distributor not working properly. The main cause of the problem here is moisture, which condenses under the cap of the mechanical distributor and creates unwanted arc flames (“distributor cap is arcing”). Hobby car owners are especially faced with this problem because their cars are infrequently used.

    6. Widespread lack of know-how of the maintenance of CIS / CIS-E systems. Today, most workshops do not have the competence to maintain and diagnose old CIS and CIS-E systems. It is also difficult to obtain the necessary spare parts. As the production of the respective systems has been discontinued, it may take years to obtain the necessary spare parts from the aftermarket if a problem arises.

    7. Spare parts prices are also unreasonably high and delivery times may be unknown.

    8. The EFI kit is a reasonable choice if the engine is mounted on (any) car that does not have the original power or ignition system or does not mate with the engine mechanics.


All these problems can be avoided with the EFI kit offered by Elbe-Engineering. Most garages also have the know-how and equipment to maintain and repair the systems we offer, as they base on modern control system logic.

If you recognize at least one of the above errors in your classic Mercedes Benz vehicle, consider installing the EFI kit offered by Elbe-Engineering in your car today. With the EFI kit system we offer, your car is always ready for any journey.

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