OM605 and OM606 manifold – compact and universal design

OM605 and OM606 manifold – compact and universal design

Elbe Engineering has designed OM605 and OM606 manifolds for the Mercedes-Benz turbo diesel engines. The turbocharger mount on the manifold is universal (T3 Divided flange) and fits most turbochargers (offered by several manufacturers) with T3 type flange.

The manifolds allow you to choose among new turbochargers of different brands and sizes, as well as from those offered on the aftermarket. For example, most commonly used are Holset HX35 and HX40. The alternative brands are Garrett and BorgWarner, etc. Also you can use tuning turbochargers, e.g. Precision Turbo, Comp Turbo, Turbonetics, Turbobandit and others.

 OM605 and OM606 manifold – compact and universal design


OM605 and OM606 manifold design

Designing the manifold, special attention has been paid to the activation of the turbocharger at the lowest possible engine speed. A so-called “Split pulse” type solution is used, where the first 3 cylinders are separated from the 3 rear ones, according to their firing phases. This solution gives better flow throughout the system.

Exhaust gases from cylinders 4, 5, and 6 are conducted to the turbocharger separately from the exhaust gases of cylinders 1, 2, and 3. Also, the turbine housing (attached to the manifold) of the turbocharger is also divided inside by a partition. This is known as “divided turbine”.

As a result, the speed and the amount of the exhaust gases entering the turbocharger at every moment is higher, which allows the turbocharger to start at lower speeds. In addition, this design does not limit the gases flow at high speeds (5000-7000 rpm).

A larger turbocharger can pump more air into engine, which in turn promotes complete combustion of diesel fuel due to additional oxygen. As a result, power increases.

Elbe Engineering has designed the exhaust manifold to be extremely compact – both in protrusion and height. It fits all OM605 and OM606 engines in Mercedes-Benz bodies. For example, the G class (W460, W461, W462, and W463) has engine mounted much higher to the body than other car models. Most aftermarket manifolds are not suitable for use with a G Class motor mount, but Elbe Engineering’s is.



Built to last

The compact and universal exhaust manifolds designed by Elbe Engineering are made of carbon steel. The manifolds are handmade using TIG welding. The surfaces of the manifolds are covered with a heat-resistant material that is durable up to 800 ºC – more than enough considering the combustion temperature of the diesel engine.

The mounting surfaces of the manifold are ground on a milling machine to ensure as hermetic as possible joints in the exhaust system. This is most important because the system contains a very large mass of high-temperature gas under high pressure.

To prevent heat damage and fire in the engine compartment, we strongly recommend using manifolds covered with heat-resistant tape.


Manifold use in other vehicles

Due to its compact design, this manifold has also been used in other car brands such as: BMW, Volvo, Nissan, Toyota, Land Rover, and many others.

In addition to cars, OM605 and OM606 engines are often used on boats, especially in Scandinavia. Of course, Elbe Engineering’s manifolds can be installed there as well.


Why to choose OM605 and OM606 manifolds?

The exhaust manifold designed by Elbe Engineering makes your vehicle more dynamic. It also increases driving comfort and reduces fuel consumption.

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