Welcome to Elbe Engineering – Get unique parts for iconic cars

Welcome to Elbe Engineering – Unique parts for Iconic Cars

Elbe Engineering is a company producing custom Mercedes-Benz tuning parts since 2008. Throughout years of experience in car tuning we are no strangers to the headaches of finding the right tuning parts. This is the very reason why our company was founded – lack of innovative and quality tuning parts made us create and build our own. What was once experimenting, tinkering and building out of personal interest has now grown into a Worldwide business. So far we have customers from more than 45 different countries and on all continents.

How did it all get started?

Our story started with our founder and CEO Hendrik Elbe and his never-ending curiosity… The man got his first car when he was 14 years old. It was an old Ford Taunus MK4. As the car was old and needed a lot of work. Yet it was an excellent teacher for Hendrik to understand the basics around the engineering of an internal combustion engine and how cars work in general. At first, he got his lessons from his father but as his curiosity grew, he started to lurk around different forums on the internet on car restoration projects and car tuning specifically.It was through these forums that Hendrik got the motivation, knowledge and his first taste of car tuning and restoration.

Where are we now?

From mechanical parts we have also moved into production and work with smarter tuning parts (e.g. ECU – engine control units, EFI – electronic fuel injection kits, etc.). Our curiosity and love has not flamed out and we are continuously striving for better – we have cooperated in numerous innovation projects with different universities/scientific research institutions, worked with industrial machines, etc. and continue to do so

We promise to keep producing new custom tuning parts for iconic MB models, but we already have a solid range of pulleys, manifolds and downpipes, EFI kits and more.

Elbe Engineering ships from Estonia to all continents

Our passion and drive has taken us all over the World having now exported our MB tuning parts to over 45 countries worldwide. Feel free to contact us to find the right tuning parts for your ride or ask our resellers in your area.