OM605 and OM606 manifold – compact and universal design

Elbe Engineering has designed OM605 and OM606 manifolds for the Mercedes-Benz turbo diesel engines. The turbocharger mount on the manifold is universal (T3 Divided flange) and fits most turbochargers (offered by several manufacturers) with T3 type flange.

The manifolds allow you to choose among new turbochargers of different brands and sizes, as well as from those offered on the aftermarket. For example, most commonly used are Holset HX35 and HX40. The alternative brands are Garrett and BorgWarner, etc. Also you can use tuning turbochargers, e.g. Precision Turbo, Comp Turbo, Turbonetics, Turbobandit and others.

 OM605 and OM606 manifold – compact and universal design


OM605 and OM606 manifold design

Designing the manifold, special attention has been paid to the activation of the turbocharger at the lowest possible engine speed. A so-called “Split pulse” type solution is used, where the first 3 cylinders are separated from the 3 rear ones, according to their firing phases. This solution gives better flow throughout the system.

Exhaust gases from cylinders 4, 5, and 6 are conducted to the turbocharger separately from the exhaust gases of cylinders 1, 2, and 3. Also, the turbine housing (attached to the manifold) of the turbocharger is also divided inside by a partition. This is known as “divided turbine”.

As a result, the speed and the amount of the exhaust gases entering the turbocharger at every moment is higher, which allows the turbocharger to start at lower speeds. In addition, this design does not limit the gases flow at high speeds (5000-7000 rpm).

A larger turbocharger can pump more air into engine, which in turn promotes complete combustion of diesel fuel due to additional oxygen. As a result, power increases.

Elbe Engineering has designed the exhaust manifold to be extremely compact – both in protrusion and height. It fits all OM605 and OM606 engines in Mercedes-Benz bodies. For example, the G class (W460, W461, W462, and W463) has engine mounted much higher to the body than other car models. Most aftermarket manifolds are not suitable for use with a G Class motor mount, but Elbe Engineering’s is.



Built to last

The compact and universal exhaust manifolds designed by Elbe Engineering are made of carbon steel. The manifolds are handmade using TIG welding. The surfaces of the manifolds are covered with a heat-resistant material that is durable up to 800 ºC – more than enough considering the combustion temperature of the diesel engine.

The mounting surfaces of the manifold are ground on a milling machine to ensure as hermetic as possible joints in the exhaust system. This is most important because the system contains a very large mass of high-temperature gas under high pressure.

To prevent heat damage and fire in the engine compartment, we strongly recommend using manifolds covered with heat-resistant tape.


Manifold use in other vehicles

Due to its compact design, this manifold has also been used in other car brands such as: BMW, Volvo, Nissan, Toyota, Land Rover, and many others.

In addition to cars, OM605 and OM606 engines are often used on boats, especially in Scandinavia. Of course, Elbe Engineering’s manifolds can be installed there as well.


Why to choose OM605 and OM606 manifolds?

The exhaust manifold designed by Elbe Engineering makes your vehicle more dynamic. It also increases driving comfort and reduces fuel consumption.

Get yours from the list below:

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EFI kit – When should you consider Elbe Engineering’s EFI kit?

List of problems that indicate it may be reasonable for the car owner to replace the existing fuel supply system with the EFI kit offered by Elbe Engineering:

    1. Worn fuel injectors. Wear of an injector causes uneven fuel supply to the engine or even misfiring. As a result, your car’s fuel consumption increases and uneven engine operation creates additional vibration that interferes with driving pleasure and can damage car’s other systems.

    2. Failure of the ignition module, i.e. lack of spark, is a very common problem. The original module is often burnt out. This may be due to poor cooling through the body (engine cleaning has removed the thermally conductive paste from between the ignition coil cover and the body, and the ignition module is overheating) or damaged electronics from washing the engine. New modules have become very rare on the market today as they have been discontinued. In the case of the used part, however, you never know what condition it is in. The prices of the new modules are approx. 3000 EUR; used ones cost about 1000 Euros.

    3. Worn nozzles. The amount of fuel supplied is often too large and varies from injector to injector. This causes uneven engine operation and additional vibration in the car.

    4. Leaking vacuum hoses. Leaking vacuum hoses cause uneven engine operation and vibration.

    5. Ignition distributor not working properly. The main cause of the problem here is moisture, which condenses under the cap of the mechanical distributor and creates unwanted arc flames (“distributor cap is arcing”). Hobby car owners are especially faced with this problem because their cars are infrequently used.

    6. Widespread lack of know-how of the maintenance of CIS / CIS-E systems. Today, most workshops do not have the competence to maintain and diagnose old CIS and CIS-E systems. It is also difficult to obtain the necessary spare parts. As the production of the respective systems has been discontinued, it may take years to obtain the necessary spare parts from the aftermarket if a problem arises.

    7. Spare parts prices are also unreasonably high and delivery times may be unknown.

    8. The EFI kit is a reasonable choice if the engine is mounted on (any) car that does not have the original power or ignition system or does not mate with the engine mechanics.


All these problems can be avoided with the EFI kit offered by Elbe-Engineering. Most garages also have the know-how and equipment to maintain and repair the systems we offer, as they base on modern control system logic.

If you recognize at least one of the above errors in your classic Mercedes Benz vehicle, consider installing the EFI kit offered by Elbe-Engineering in your car today. With the EFI kit system we offer, your car is always ready for any journey.

 EFI kits for MB engines


5G-Tronic transmission adapter for M116/M117 iron block engine

Upgrade your classic car with modern 5g-Tronic transmission adapter. This is also known as the (big) NAG transmission (New Automatic Gearbox Generation One, or NAG1, see also*. Transmission numbers start with 722.6xx (2 last digits specify engines/models).

Why to install the 5g-Tronic?

1. Better fuel economy and lower emissions
2. Better acceleration with lower revs at highway speeds
3. Smoother gear changes
4. Fully adjustable software
5. Manual shifting (paddles or buttons can be connected)
6. Starts on 1st gear
7. Low service costs and lot of know-how about maintenance
8. One of the M-B strongest and most reliable transmissions
9. Several outputs for controlling electronic devices (relays, actuators)
10. Torque converter lockup

The 5g-Tronic is strong and reliable, has overdrive 5th gear. It is reasonable to service or rebuild compared with older mechanical transmissions.

The gearbox adapter developed by Elbe-Engineering facilitates connection of the 511-Tronic 5-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission to the M117 / M116 iron block engine, replacing  the 3g-Tronic 3-speed automatic gearbox.

With our adapter, the 5g-Tronic fits for the following models (both LHD and RHD vehicles):

⦁ 280 SE, SEL 4.5 (W108)
⦁ 300 SEL 4.5 (W109)
⦁ 450 SE, SEL (W116)
⦁ 450 SL, SLC (R107 / C107)
⦁ 450 SLC 5.0 (C107)

The 5-speed automatic transmission makes driving smoother and more comfortable. In addition, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced and acceleration is significantly improved. The gear change jolts are significantly reduced.

To install the 5g-Tronic box, you also have to obtain the gearbox electronic control unit instead of original TCU (transmission control unit) to bypass numerous original electronic modules like ABS / ESP / ECU / SAM. The control unit is offered by OfGear ( in Europe.

OfGear offers plug and play controller kit for 722.6 5G-tronic transmission. Software is fully adjustable but comes with basic setup and is ready to drive. No other electronics or signals are needed from the car/chassis. Wiring harness and instructions are included.

However, an electronic speedometer unit is needed (from late R107 models) as old transmission is equipped with mechanical speedometer cable. The OfGear transmission controller has input for electronic speedometer. Speed signal is adjustable for various differential ratios.

Paddles/buttons can be connected for manual gear shifting.

Real time adjusting can be done without laptop – OfGear controller has LCD panel and joystick for navigating in menus.

Installed via Elbe Engineering’s gearbox adapter, the electronically controlled 5g-Tronic gearbox makes your classic car noticeably sportier. The car’s acceleration improves and you can manually change gears if desired.

The installation of our gearbox adapter is easy. Just disconnect the driveshaft, remove the 3g-Tronic gearbox, install the intermediate adapter according to the installation instructions, install the 5g-tronic gearbox and reconnect the driveshaft to the new gearbox.

5g-Tronic gearboxes can be obtained from the aftermarket, where there are offered in large numbers and for reasonable price. The ‘boxes are durable and mostly in good condition.

Our adapter is designed for 5g-Tronic transmission from M113 engine which is used on several MB classes with 4.3 / 5.0 / 5.4 litre engines 1998-2006, for example, W220 series S 500.

Our transmission adapter kit includes the following components:

⦁  2-piece adapter
⦁  flex plate
⦁ cover plate for bell housing
⦁ bolts/fasteners set
⦁ detailed instruction manual


NB! OfGear standalone electronic controller is needed to properly install the kit. Find one here:

Get yours here:


We have been producing custom Mercedes-Benz tuning parts since 2008, when all we started with was passion for gorgeous and powerful cars. From this time Elbe Engineering has grown exponentially and can proudly say we have customers from more than 45 different countries and on all continents.

Contact us to find the specific tuning parts, that will make your sweet ride even sweeter, if you can’t find what you need in our  shop.

Welcome to Elbe Engineering – Get unique parts for iconic cars

Elbe Engineering is a company producing custom Mercedes-Benz tuning parts since 2008. Throughout years of experience in car tuning we are no strangers to the headaches of finding the right tuning parts. This is the very reason why our company was founded – lack of innovative and quality tuning parts made us create and build our own. What was once experimenting, tinkering and building out of personal interest has now grown into a Worldwide business. So far we have customers from more than 45 different countries and on all continents.

How did it all get started?

Our story started with our founder and CEO Hendrik Elbe and his never-ending curiosity… The man got his first car when he was 14 years old. It was an old Ford Taunus MK4. As the car was old and needed a lot of work. Yet it was an excellent teacher for Hendrik to understand the basics around the engineering of an internal combustion engine and how cars work in general. At first, he got his lessons from his father but as his curiosity grew, he started to lurk around different forums on the internet on car restoration projects and car tuning specifically.It was through these forums that Hendrik got the motivation, knowledge and his first taste of car tuning and restoration.

Where are we now?

From mechanical parts we have also moved into production and work with smarter tuning parts (e.g. ECU – engine control units, EFI – electronic fuel injection kits, etc.). Our curiosity and love has not flamed out and we are continuously striving for better – we have cooperated in numerous innovation projects with different universities/scientific research institutions, worked with industrial machines, etc. and continue to do so

We promise to keep producing new custom tuning parts for iconic MB models, but we already have a solid range of pulleys, manifolds and downpipes, EFI kits and more.

Elbe Engineering ships from Estonia to all continents

Our passion and drive has taken us all over the World having now exported our MB tuning parts to over 45 countries worldwide. Feel free to contact us to find the right tuning parts for your ride or ask our resellers in your area.