LSD spring block kit

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LSD spring block for ASD/LSD or completely open differentials.

Fits MB differentials and many others.

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We have developed useful device for “ASD” differentials. Converting them true limited slip differentials.

MB “ASD(Automatic slip differential)”  is internally same as “LSD (Limited slip differential)” – Both have 10pcs of friction discs inside…

What you can do is use “ASD” differential with our Spring Block kit instead of hydraulics.  Most of the MB differentials (Same size range) are interchangeable. Aluminum housing covers are model based.

For example W124 ASD differential fits also for W201 (W201 ASD/LSD is quite rare, W124 ASD is quite common)  ….(We are the only company who offers Billet W201 185mm differential mounting cover !!! If you can not source original part)


⦁ For LSD/ASD differentials as well as completely open differentials (winter/snow).
⦁ Works without ASD hydraulic system and even with worn friction discs.
⦁ Installation fittings and axle shaft locking clamps included.

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