M116 R107 headers with downpipes

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Stainless steel manifolds of Elbe Engineering are designed similarly to original parts, which were only installed on selected top models. Thus very few used original parts are available now, and their production has been ceased long time ago.

The tubular exhaust manifolds have similar design to the original cast iron manifolds, but have significantly better flow.

Tri-Y type exhaust system (Tri stands for 3 and Y means two pipes merging into one, so first comes 1 + 1 cylinder merge, followed by 2 + 2 cylinders and finally 4 + 4 cylinders merge) is one of the most popular modifications among Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts to get noticeable extra horsepower.

The system is suitable for Mercedes-Benz vehicles with body types R107 and C107 (official model W107) equipped with M116 engines. Both M116 V8 engine types (with iron block and alloy block) are supported. The car models include SL/SLC 350, SL/SLC 380, SL/SLC 420 and SL /SLC 450 (*M117 iron block).

Tri-Y stainless manifolds designed by Elbe Engineering increase the power of your car by 10-15% depending on the market (EU, US, Japan).

With added power you get better acceleration and more colourful exhaust sound – which is also important for a hobby car.

The exhaust system is made of corrosion-proof steel, which is an additional bonus for rarely used hobby car where water tends to condense in the exhaust.

The engine will operate smoother due to the lower back pressure in the exhaust.

Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are also reduced.


Exhaust manifolds and downpipes can be purchased with or without tape. But we strongly recommend covering them with heat-resistant tape to avoid high temperatures under the hood and the risk of fire.


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Additional information

Stainless steel Tri-y exhaust for M116 R107. Tubular manifolds with downpipes.

Tri-y stainless exhaust system designed by Elbe Engineering consists of:

⦁ 4 exhaust manifolds
⦁ 2 downpipes

⦁ Primaries 40mm
⦁ Secondaries 48mm
⦁ Exhaust pipes 60mm

Material: AISI 304
Handcrafted / TIG welded


We strongly recommend to use exhaust wrap for heat protection under the hood.


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