M117 pulleys with tensioner

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Power steering and water pump pulleys designed for modern 6-rib belt. Automatic tensioner.
Good solution for supercharger drive.



Elbe Engineering has designed pulleys for Mercedes Benz passenger cars that use M116/M117 engines.

The pulleys are of lightweight design and look beautiful. They are milled from 7075 aluminum alloy and their surface is anodized.

The crankshaft pulley consists of two parts. The part driving alternator and air conditioner pump can be removed from the main pulley (for example, on racing engines where the air conditioner has been removed and replaced with a newer alternator that uses 6-groove belt).

Originally double V-belts were used. But our crankshaft, water pump and power steering pump pulleys are designed for a modern 6-groove flat belt. However, the grooves for alternator and air conditioning pump V-belts are retained. NB! There is no groove for the secondary air pump belt!

The advantage of this design is the possibility to use an automatic tensioner if no hydraulic pump for SLS suspension is installed. If the latter is present, the belt can still be tightened manually from the power steering pump.

The crankshaft pulley is designed for mounting on the ignition trigger wheel (36-1) when the EFI system is used. Otherwise, the degree wheel / harmonic balancer is replaced with ignition trigger wheel to maintain the crankshaft pulley position.

We offer pulleys in three different colors – bronze, silver and dark green. The pulleys are not painted but anodized. The set of pulleys comes with a 6-groove belt.

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Additional information

Double V-belts design replaced with modern 6-rib belt design. Alternator and A/C pump grooves are still for V-belt.

Lightweight 7075 anodized alloy. Optionally 36-1 trigger wheel for crankshaft pulley.


M117 Pulley set includes:

⦁ Crankshaft pulley (2-piece design)
⦁ Water pump pulley
⦁ Power steering pump pulley
⦁ 6-rib belt
* Tensioner with mounting flange (mounted instead of SLS hydraulic pump)


If SLS pump is fitted, the tensioner cannot be mounted and tightening must be done manually.


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