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Performance package for M117 KJET engines that includes EFI kit, pulley set with tensioner and M117 W126 manifolds and downpipes with exhaust wrap.



The EFI (electronic fuel injection) kit offered by Elbe Engineering is designed for Mercedes Benz M117 engines that use Bosch K Jetronic (CIS) or Bosch KE Jetronic (CIS-E) fuel injection systems.

EFI kit is plug and play with software (see dyno results below).


Elbe Engineering has designed pulleys for Mercedes Benz passenger cars that use M117 engines.

The pulleys are of lightweight design and look beautiful. They are milled from 7075 aluminum alloy and their surface is anodized.

Crankshaft pulley is equipped with 36-1 trigger wheel – no need to replace Harmonic balancer with trigger wheel.


The tubular exhaust manifolds have similar design to the original cast iron manifolds, but have significantly better flow.

Tri-Y type exhaust system (Tri stands for 3 and Y means two pipes merging into one, so first comes 1 + 1 cylinder merge, followed by 2 + 2 cylinders and finally 4 + 4 cylinders merge) is one of the most popular modifications among Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts to get noticeable extra horsepower.

The exhaust system is made of corrosion-proof steel, which is an additional bonus for rarely used hobby car where water tends to condense in the exhaust. Manifolds and downpipes are covered with basalt exhaust wrap.

Power gain with exhaust change 10-15%.

(Dyno figures with stock “euro logs” (171kW/230hp and 406Nm from wheels) and with stainless steel tubular exhaust (194kW/260hp and 428Nm from wheels).)

The engine will operate smoother due to the lower back pressure in the exhaust.

Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are also reduced.




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Additional information

The Elbe Engineering’s EFI kit includes:

Powerful engine management system with Bluetooth connection.

⦁ Multiple outputs for controlling electronic devices like aftermarket cooling fan or any other relay switched devices.
⦁ Advanced self-tuning function for fuel what really works.
⦁ Engine data monitoring/data log with Android devices.
⦁ Engine control unit capable for any performance modification in future.
⦁ Comes with base map.

Handcrafted engine wiring harness – logical layout with different types/colors of connectors you can not mismatch. Only 2 connections to chassis side – RPM output (bolted) and ignition power (pin into original OVPR (over voltage protection relay) socket) and done!


⦁ Crankshaft position with mounting bracket.
⦁ Coolant temperature sensor.
⦁ Intake temperature sensor.
⦁ Manifold air pressure sensor (inside ECU).
⦁ Throttle position sensor with special adapter for MB throttles.
⦁ Wide band oxygen (lambda) sensor.

Mechanical components:

⦁ Adapter between original air filter housing and throttle body.
⦁ Idle speed control motor with hoses/fittings to EGR port.
⦁ Ignition coils with mounting bracket and spark plug cables.
⦁ Trigger wheel (mounted instead of harmonic balancer).
⦁ Fuel rails with 8pcs of injectors and mounting accessories.
⦁ Fuel pressure regulator with special designed billet housing.
⦁ Compact anodized aluminum fuel fittings with black nylon braided Teflon hoses.
⦁ “Olive” fuel fittings for connecting chassis side fuel lines.
⦁ Distributor block off plug.


M117 Pulley set includes:

⦁ Crankshaft pulley (2-piece design)
⦁ Water pump pulley
⦁ Power steering pump pulley
⦁ 6-rib belt
⦁ Tensioner with mounting flange (mounted instead of SLS hydraulic pump)


Stainless steel Tri-y exhaust for M117 W126. Tubular manifolds with downpipes (exhaust wrapped).

Tri-y stainless exhaust system designed by Elbe Engineering consists of:

⦁ 4 exhaust manifolds
⦁ 2 downpipes

⦁ Primaries 40mm
⦁ Secondaries 51mm
⦁ Exhaust pipes 60mm

Material: AISI 304
Handcrafted / TIG welded